The Premise, The Possibility, and The Promise

The following statements attempt to clarify the intent of WJAY RADIO

as it is re-launched in the 21st Century

as a benefit to our County, our Region, and our World.


  • WJAY shall become a platform for the tiers of leadership – municipal, county, regional, state, and national – to effectively communicate with their constituency.


  • WJAY will become a real-time means by which Marion County School District can communicate with parents, students, and the greater community.


  • People across the nation and the world who have an interest in the local affairs of Marion County and The Pee Dee Region will be able to tap directly into their mainstream through the online platforms: website, app, and social media.


  • WJAY will provide current local news and weather for its coverage area.


  • WJAY will partner with the educational community to facilitate opportunities for high school and college students to engage the evolving world of radio broadcasting.


  • WJAY will support the efforts of law enforcement, protective services, and emergency management to keep citizens secure by keeping them informed of all matters pertinent to their safety.


  • WJAY will continue to provide the faith community a platform to extend its message.


  • WJAY will provide access to provocative programming for personal growth in areas such as finances, health, and relationships.


  • WJAY will provide an unbiased forum in which the electorate can be informed regarding candidates for public office.


  • WJAY will strive to be a leader in compassion and motivational efforts for the good of the community: disaster relief, scholarship, arts and entertainment.


  • WJAY will become an economic hub and a commercial clearinghouse by means of which the business community may share its message, fostering and enhancing the relationship between business and customer / client.


  • WJAY RADIO shall endeavor to become a goodwill Ambassador-at-Large, promoting and advocating for its local community, and for the benefit of all humanity.